Double Chocolate Crumble Hotcakes

My schedule’s been crazy this week. I’m trying to juggle my personal life, social life, school and work at the same time. Well, I guess it’s what almost all employees feel who try find time to plan the next family dinner while working at the office, in my case, tho, the hospital.
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My Perfectly Imperfect Life (About Me)

I remember back when I was still a 4th grader, I dreamed of the person I’m gonna be someday when I grow up. Personally, I wanted to be popular like all the ‘cool’ kids because it was the opposite who I really am, a math genius and a home-person struggling to fit-in to society. But I was a dreamer, it didn’t matter if it was a figment of my imagination because it felt real. All I did was stay in my room and day dream. And it went for many years, I wasn’t experiencing a life I wanted so I IMAGINED my “perfect” life. Continue reading “My Perfectly Imperfect Life (About Me)”


I just got home after my 16-HOUR hospital duty. Left the house at four in the morning and got back past 12 midnight. This is my daily grind as an intern. Most days, I work 8-hour duties everyday with a shifting schedule. We’re required to work with no pay and at bad days finish our shift tired and hungry to the point that even toast would transform into a gourmet pizza.

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