Trip to the City of Pines, Baguio City Pt. 1

“I’m 22 for a moment…” (100 years – Five For Fighting)

“I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22…” (22 –  Taylor Swift)

Last week was constant ear worms of those songs. I didn’t know if I was excited for my birthday or just saw the coincidences of those songs. Anyways, I’m a year older again. I’m 22 now which probably seals the deal that I really am an adult now with responsibilities to fulfill. But I guess before I delve into my responsibilities as a twenty-two year old, I have this day one day of enjoying my birthday.

Nothing really happened at the actual date of my birthday. It was actually kind of sad I had to spend my birthday alone at our home and cook mostly-vegetable burger patties for my lunch and I can’t ask my friends if we can go out and chill because I have no money #UnemployedProblems. But it’s all good, me and my family celebrated my birthday a few days before. I’m finally able to cross out an item at my bucket list because we finally traveled to Baguio city!

Trip to the City of Pines, Baguio City

We went to Baguio city, a small province up on the northern part of Luzon. It’s really a common tourist spot here in the Philippines known for its cool climate (but still doesn’t snow), abundance of pine trees, nature sites, the famous strawberry fields (forever), and the Panagbenga which is an annual flower festival every February. But obviously we can’t go to the festival because it was November still it’s a great tourist destination especially for anyone traveling here in the PH.

It was a 6-hour drive from where I am to Baguio city and since it’s only a one day trip, we got up early so we can arrive there probably late in the morning. It was a long and winding road to Baguio. We drove along on steep mountain roads so please be cautious if you’re planning on driving there.

5am and sun still risin’

Random photos on the road…

Morning Selfie. lol

Spot no. 1: Lion’s Head


First on our list was this famous statue along Kennon road called Lion’s Head. It is estimated to be 12 meters high and the first destination to go to along your way to Baguio.

My mom also bought a cup of strawberry-flavored taho which is a popular soy-based dessert here made of silken tofu (I believe), small tapioca balls and a good amount of flavored sugar syrup, in this case, strawberry. It was actually the first time I saw and tasted strawberry taho but they’re everywhere there I swear especially in the tourist spots.

photo courtesy of Philippine Primer

(I forgot to take a photo of the taho so I’ll borrow this image :P)

It was good and it even had chunks of strawberries, too. It’s a little too sweet for me, tho, but overall it’s a nice, cheap snack (costs about 35 pesos) to get whenever you’re in Baguio.

Spot no. 2: Camp John Hay

We had quick breakfast at Army Navy and continued our trip to Camp John Hay park. After being in the city for so long, it was a refreshing experience being there. The large park is full of tall pine trees and it’s definitely a nice area for a peaceful stroll in the park. I miss seeing this much greenery and I can actually breathe clean forest air! (Just stay away from the streets, tho. hehe)

My baby sister, Julia, tried out of the pedal go-karts in a small go-kart area there. It was also a chance for me to go around, explore the park and take pictures. I wasn’t gone for too long, tho, since it got too hot during the afternoon but I did take these lovely pics.

R.I.P. Tree

Someone probably proposed to his girl right here. Sweet!…

… but this camera angle makes me feel uncomfortable

I wasn’t able to look around much but I saw there’s also a butterfly sanctuary which will be on my itinerary next time we visit.


…To be continued



I eat, sleep and survive in this urban jungle.

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