Jollibee Strawberry Fries Review

A few weeks ago, Jollibee unveiled their newest food items. First is their Strawberry Tea Float which sounds amazing and will try it in another day. What really intrigued me, tho, was their Strawberry Fries which initially doesn’t sound promising to me. But skepticism aside, it does sound interesting and I wasn’t going to give my judgment until I’ve tried them out.

During my vacation in Zambales, I went to a Jollibee near the public market and bought a large serving of Strawberry Fries to go (just to make sure). It was around sixty pesos (a little over a dollar) so I didn’t mind the price. While waiting, I glanced at the back of the counter and saw them preparing my order. It was just regular fries tossed with strawberry powder which doesn’t look appealing but still excited to try.

After the cashier handed me my order, I checked it out immediately since my mouth was watering. You know, IT’S FRIES! But held on a little longer to take a photo. I was finally able to taste it after.

Strawberry Fries Review

The Strawberry Fries look the same as regular fries but with a faint pink tinge (the longer you keep them, the deeper the shade). The taste, tho, I’d much prefer regular fries over this one. It has a sweet and tart artificial strawberry flavor which reminded me of those lollipops with strawberry powder I used to have as a kid.

When it was still fresh, the taste only had a hint of strawberry and you can still appreciate the fry’s savory flavor. But apart from color, the flavor also gets stronger when you let them stale which became too tart for me to enjoy the fries. Nevertheless, I finished the whole serving because I don’t like wasting food but I will probably never purchase them again.

If you’re a fan of strawberries and/or fries, you could try them out and find out for yourself if it’s good or not. I do hope you’ll enjoy it more than I did but right now, it’s a 5 out of 10 for me.



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