Oath Taking: End of a Chapter

“Everyone has their own blank book to fill, and each book with a unique story to tell”

September 29, 2017 – This was the moment that ended a chapter of my life, my school life. All those years of studying: kindergarten, elementary school, high school and college… are finally over.

For me, this is all too sudden. One day, you’re sitting in for a boring history class and kept saying when is school gonna end, the next here I am, all suited up for the Oath taking for New Medical Technologists. Well, young James got too excited for the future, I guess. But man, I can’t believe I made it!

Getting ready!

Striking a pose with my eyes closed

College Life

I’ve always had good grades throughout elementary and high school. Consistently got good grades especially in English and Math, competed in inter-school competitions (we didn’t win, tho) and top of my class in freshman and junior year. But damn, college is a different battle.

From first semester, my grades weren’t good. At times, me and my mates had to compute grades and how much we need to save the semester. Today, I find those days hilarious because it’s like we were in some mass hysteria.

One of my worse fears happened during my junior year. We impatiently waited for our grades so we can enter internship in our senior year because the most important requirement to enter internship is have no failing grade. Then, the grades were released…






so far so good.


but then,




I FAILED for the first time in my life failing 2 subjects. I immediately look to the right what subjects I failed – Endocrinology and Clinical Microscopy. It didn’t surprise me, tho. I saw it coming especially the terrible scores I was getting in my exams. Still, when I saw it as my OFFICIAL grade, I wanted to roll into a ball and cry.

I will need to retake my failed subjects which means 6 more months in college. Damn it!

photo from willukang.com

I actually wanted to give up at that point. The program I took isn’t what I really wanted and the subjects were really hard and etc.,etc.,etc… I had lots of excuses wanting to leave. But in the end, if other people did it, most likely you can too. That was my motivation (and also, we’ve spent a lot of my money for college so it would be a waste if I stop).

In my mind, it’s alright to feel down and wanting to quit, but NEVER give up on your goal. Keep trying. And if you still fail, you can still try again. Just don’t give up and hold your head up high because nothing worth having comes easy.

I retook those subjects on the next semester and finally, I passed! It was still a struggle in senior high. I failed a couple more subjects and had to extend 6 more months. But I didn’t give up. I retook them again until finally. FINALLY… I graduated and got my degree for BS Medical Technology!

Grad pic 2

I took the board exam a couple of months after. Isolated myself for 2 months to study and even deactivated my Social media accounts. I tried my best… and I PASSED!

My college classmates NOW, colleagues

If I gave up early on, I wouldn’t be here right now and I’m happy to reach this milestone. I know things might be difficult but trust me, if you really want to achieve your goal, work hard for it and be patient. Things are only “Worth it” if you work hard for it.


Cheers, everyone!



I eat, sleep and survive in this urban jungle.

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