Cheese Takoyaki

Here in the Philippines, ironically, foreign food is popular here. From Boba shops to shawarma stores outside the office, there are lots of establishments offering different international delicacies. My mom has always been business minded so she had the idea of selling Takoyaki, a Japanese staple, to patrons near where she works.

Takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanese snack made from batter and usually filled with squid, green onions, dried shrimp and pickled ginger. Basically anything you want to put inside you’re free to do so. It’s usually topped with a special takoyaki sauce, Japanese mayo (a.k.a. the best mayo) and bonito flakes.

We’ve never made takoyaki before or any Japanese food so it was a surprise that’s what my mom wanted to sell. Still, we gave it a shot.

   We went to a Japanese mart to buy supplies

It was struggle buying at the Japanese mart, almost all the food in the aisle were foreign to me especially they’re written in Japanese. Luckily, the ladies in the store helped us pick out what we need. Thank you, m’ladies!

Prior to writing, I’ve already made hundreds of takoyaki balls. At first, tho, I was struggling to make it to a ball and remembered most of them looked like deformed balls. But once you made like a hundred, you’ll get the hang of it.

In this batch, I wanted to experiment on flavors so I added some cheese inside. Just a few cubes to get that cheesy flavor in.

Well, this is boring…

Much better

Alright I’m getting hungry. I got to go make some more. Itadakimasu!



I eat, sleep and survive in this urban jungle.

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