Un-social Media

A couple of months ago, when I was still studying for my board exam, I made the decision to quit social media – Deactivated my Facebook, Deleted my Instagram and Uninstalled the YouTube App from my phone.

What we’re you thinking?

The main reason I quit is to focus on my studies especially it was for the board exam, the last exam I had to take to become a Registered Medical Technologist. Also, it’s a much deserved break offline. I was devoting a hefty amount of time just mindlessly scrolling through my news feed, liking on my friends’ Instagram photos and binge watching videos. Time I could have used to review Microbiology and Immunology instead.

The experience

Honestly, it wasn’t that hard giving up Facebook and Instagram. I’ve barely been “social” online. I always preferred talking to people face-to-face. Probably the most time-consuming thing I do there is scroll and scroll and scroll… until I refreshed the page and repeat the same, monotonous scrolling.

Dory meme

photo from: aha.elliance.com

Unlike the other two, YouTube was harder to give up. It was my guilty pleasure especially when I was too lazy remembering info about bacteria or studying Chemistry tests. Honestly, I would’ve given up social media earlier if it weren’t for YouTube releasing new trailers and game plays for Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (That’s a story for another day).

Most people didn’t notice my absence in Facebook, which is kind of depressing. LOL. But it’s good because I don’t have to explain it over and over again. The only downside of being offline is there will be times you’re the only one not to get a joke because you didn’t see it. Also, people won’t be able to tag you in the latest meme or a post which was how some people knew I deactivated my account. Other than that, it’s all good. I survived!

It was a pleasant experience to be out of my news feed for once. I’ve never realized how much time I really had at my disposal. I was able to follow (most of the time) my strict studying schedule and even practice playing my keyboard. I was more focused than I ever was at attaining a goal which was to pass the board exam… and I DID!

Board exam

Passed! Best moment of my adult life!

After passing the boards, I kept my Facebook deactivated for 3 more weeks. I kind of enjoyed the solitude and privacy. Also, with all that spare time, I was able to start getting fit. I’m really hoping that I get that 6-pack before getting a job. Well hey, a man can dream.

I was also able to finish playing the song I’ve been practicing on the keyboard. Still, I can’t find the chorus tabs for it, tho. If ever you find a full piano sheet of Tender Love by Force MD’s, let me know!

Back to reality

The day after I found out my board results, the YouTube app is now free to use. And just last week, I reactivated my Facebook after 2 months. Also, since I deleted my main Instagram account, I’m using my backup account @jamesgg123.

Even though they’re all back, I hope I won’t depend on these apps like before. I’m trying to keep my usage to a minimum. My newfound hobbies, exercising and playing the keyboard, keep me occupied so I wouldn’t need to use it.

I don’t mind going back to using Social media. In the end, there’s nothing wrong about using it. In fact, we’re very fortunate to be able to communicate and share our adventures with friends and family wherever they are. Just give time for yourself once in awhile.



I eat, sleep and survive in this urban jungle.

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