My schedule’s been crazy this week. I’m trying to juggle my personal life, social life, school and work at the same time. Well, I guess it’s what almost all employees feel who try find time to plan the next family dinner while working at the office, in my case, tho, the hospital.

But I guess my schedules more flexible compared to the doctor I met at East Avenue. She had a 36-hour duty at two separate hospitals. What a struggle would that be? She’s thankful for the few moments that she can take a nap at the laboratory while I check the lab requests she sends. I consider myself lucky that I don’t have a crazy shift like that. Tho, I commend everyone with lengthy work scheds, you’re awesome!

Anyways, I mostly have night shifts at the Clinical Microscopy section which is from 9:30 in the evening til 6:30 in the morning the next day. I love having night shifts because of the fact it’s considerably less busy and meaning less work! But not all the time, tho.

After my Night shift the other day, I rode the bus and sadly fell asleep. The conductor woke me up telling me it’s the last stop. 😂😂😂

Well, at least McDonalds was near the area so I could have breakfast. I stopped by and got myself a serving of their new Double Chocolate Crumble Hotcakes for P79 which comes with either coffee or hot choco.


Pancakes with chocolate drizzle and oreo crumbs at the top.

Overall, they’re just ordinary pancakes to me. It was good, but not really something I’d buy next time I’ll have breakfast at McDonalds. Good thing they had maple syrup (which is included), tho, you have to pay an extra P10 for another packet of syrup.

I was already having a bad day because I missed my stop. It just had to be worse because I accidentally spilled the hot choco on myself 😭 Well, no use for crying over spilled chocolate.

Do try it just for the experience, I guess, Since the pancakes are only for a limited time only. I recommend playing Big Yellow Taxi by Counting Crows on the background. It makes the experience 10X better 😀




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