Bottoms up, mac!

Drinking is an unavoidable habit for many. Because once the booze comes in, there’s just no way of getting out. Try to slide yourself out of it, your friends might think you’re too ‘KJ‘ (Kill Joy) or weak who couldn’t handle a couple of shots.

Of course our pride wouldn’t just let a small challenge get the best of us. So we end up indulging and giving in to the temptation. As we gulp and gulp the magic tipsy juice, that’s when our super human powers emerge.

drink 6

If you’re tired of waiting for a modified super spider to bite you? or maybe waiting for your letter from Hogwarts? Don’t you worry, a few shots of tequila will do the trick…

drink gif 5

10 Powers You Get When You’re Drunk

10. Super Human Strength

They say you’re a weakling. Well now it’s time to show your true rage and show them what you’re made of. Picking a fight while drunk isn’t the brightest of all ideas but I applaud you for the courage (and for your left black eye).

9. Time Traveler

drink 4

They say time flies when you’re having fun. But too much fun and you end up being the next time keeper, a drunk one.

You take a look at your watch, “It’s 11PM”. You take a shot or two and check your time again, “WTF! 1AM? I must be a superhero!”


8. Invisibility

Where’s John?

*after an hour

Oh, he’s under the table again.

7. Hyper Voice

drink 3

They thought you swallowed a megaphone but it’s just your drunk-self talking. Your voice is amazingly amplified just use your power wisely to not annoy the people in the other table.

6. The Disappearing Act

You started the session with 7 people and end up with 4 of you without you noticing where they went off. They must certainly know their magic!

5. Super Speed

drink 2

You see a hot girl across the room, Zwoop! There’s another one at table 8, Zwoop! You wanna show your moves at the dance floor, Zwoop! Just like that 🙂

Caution Advised: May experience vomiting with all of your super speed traveling.

4. The ‘Tipsy’ Vision

drink gif 3.0

Superman has his special Heat and X-ray visions, Cyclops has his Laser vision. You too can get an amazing vision power with a bottle of booze. With the ‘Tipsy’ vision, you can see the world in a new perspective. It’s like installing Photoshop in your eyes, your vision is blurry, dimmed and if you’re lucky, you can see your vision swirling before your very eyes.

3. Teleportation

drink gif 4

I usually get this a lot. Once, I was drinking with my friends then I woke up at my house. I wonder how I get home?

2. Amnesia

What ever happened at the time when I was ‘drinking with friends’ to ‘waking up at home’

1. The power to stay in bed all-day

drink 1

When the hype is gone, your sobriety is all that is left. Headaches, dizziness, nausea and hourly trips to the bathroom. You start to regret yesterday and why you drank in the first place. Better stay in bed all-day and cancel your appointment with alcoholics anonymous.

drink gif 2

Drink casually! Cheers!


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