A whole new wooorrllld…!

After dining at Kangaroo Jack’s Eat-All-You-Can Buffet, me and my family tried out this thingamajig whatchamacallit machine…

9D Virtual Reality

Better than 3D even 4D, it’s the 9D experience

For only 100 pesos each, we got to ride the Vgames 9D Virtual Reality Experience. It’s located at the 2/F of SM North EDSA.

kangaroo jack 025

Your choice of worlds

Simply choose from their variety of worlds from Kid-friendly Alice and Wonderland themes to heart-pounding roller coaster ride themes. It even has scary rides like ghost, pyramid and haunted house to name a few (not for the feint of heart, tho)

My baby sister tried Small Dinosaurs, recommended by the operator, which lasted for 9 minutes. She really enjoyed the ride and she even wanted to choose another one!

kangaroo jack 023

She was really amazed for a moment. :3

Me and my mom got to try it out also but we chose a different world. My mom let me chose the setting so I nervously picked the Rapid Roller Coaster. Since we’re full after the buffet why not ride a roller coaster? I wanted an enjoyable ride more fun than something called ‘Small Dinosaurs’ but not to the point I’ll be screaming because people are staring at us.

kangaroo jack 021

Me taking a selfie while my mom gets ready.

It lasted about 7 minutes and it was really a fun ride. The chairs were also moving to make the experience more worthwhile. I don’t want to be a spoiler so to see for yourself, visit SM North and try out this one now!


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