Buffet at an affordable price? Need I say more?

After hours of walking at SM North EDSA, me and my parents finally found a place to eat. Welcome, Kangaroo Jack!

kangaroo jack logo

photo courtesy of baffledchichi.blogspot.com

Located at the 2nd floor of SM North EDSA, Kangaroo Jack is an Aussie-inspired restaurant offering their signature steaks, grills and sizzlers. They also offer a variety of dishes including pork, beef, chicken, seafood, etc.

Before I came here, It was another stressful Wednesday with our prelim exam and meeting for our thesis writing. I wasn’t even able to eat lunch so eating at a buffet felt like heaven!

kangaroo jack 018
Feels like heaven! 😛 Love the lights here, BTW

The ambiance has your usual restaurant-in-a-mall kind of vibe with a slight Southern Australia feel complete with tribal mask displays, rock tiles, 50s bar-inspired lights and hand-painted tribal wall (Ironically, printed XD)

kangaroo jack 019
Now for the food! We we’re able to try their P290 peso buffet (Available Mon-Fri from 1PM to 5:30PM). As we got in, the staff gladly informed us we can start our buffet. Alright! I first browsed all their food. There weren’t a lot of options but no complaints, tho, I just wanted to get my fill.

They had 3 kinds of Rice: Java, Yang chow and Plain. From there, I got to choose from 4 viands, which were mostly meat-based so sorry for vegetarians XD plus they had calamari and pancit canton.

kangaroo jack 013

They also had a Singaporean soup, pasta with your choice of sauce, sliders, PB&J, pizza, a drinks section, sushi bar, and a small dessert section. It’s not a lot but I don’t mind.

kangaroo jack 004

Burger sliders (Left) and Peanut butter and jelly triangles (Right)

kangaroo jack 012

Free-flowing drinks! Iced tea (Left), Four Seasons (Center), Lemonade (Right)

I first raided the sushi bar. Finally, I was craving for it for months! It was alright, it’s the typical sushi you’d buy at the supermarket but satisfying enough. They served only maki throughout our stay.

kangaroo jack 005

kangaroo jack 006

Let’s eat!

For the main course, I grabbed a plate and helped myself with a variety of food with plain rice.

They were all okay except for the fried chicken which was obviously tough and dry. but their adobo, I mean “Pork Stew in Liver Sauce” XD, was good. The thin slice pizza was the best I recommend that one

kangaroo jack 009

My plate!

Lastly for dessert, they only had turon and coffee jelly in shot glasses (Not really a jello shot). I tried the coffee jelly with whipped cream. It was tasty and the cream literally ‘topped it all off’. I finished about 3 or 4 glasses 🙂

I could eat more but I saw a small fly in one of the glasses. I suggest they put their desserts in a glass display case to prevent this.

kangaroo jack 011
The not-so ‘jello shot’ shot

I was already full but before we leave…

kangaroo jack 014

…one more! 🙂

Overall, I was able to try everything since it’s not a lot, except for the pasta, tho. Food was good enough to eat, satisfying but really not that special. No Aussie-related food but I guess it’s for their regular dishes.

I’ll definitely comeback to Kangaroo Jack to try out their steaks next time. Till then, Cheers!

kangaroo jack 008

Kangaroo Jack

Open Mon-Sun on Mall hours (10AM-9PM)

Buffet: Mon-Fri from 1PM-5:30PM

2/F SM North EDSA beside Barrio Fiesta

Kangaroo Jack SM North


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