This is just one of my many ways to kill time…

Fine, I’ll say it… I’m an obsessed foodie! I don’t know if watching mini-cooking vids help my hunger pangs but it’s oddly satisfying watching them cook, slice and EAT (the best part) makes me crave for food even MORE! 😀

tasty logo

Just discovered this YouTube channel called “Tasty“. They make short cooking videos that will definitely make you hungry AF.

Based from the editing and overall feel of their videos, I’m pretty sure this channel is part of BuzzFeed just simply searching it on Google confirms their relationship with one another.

tasty food gif 3

No need for lengthy descriptions. Just add, mix, and bake! 🙂

tasty food gif

Cheese! 😀

Anyways, one thing I like about their videos is it’s length. Though, it’s less informative compared to other cooking demos that take about 6-8 minutes, it makes up for entertainment especially for people with short attention spans who eagerly wait for the finished product.

tasty food gif 4


I can’t stop watching “Tasty” videos for some reason. I barely even have the time (and money) to even buy and try out their recipes. It’s an addiction, I guess? XD

tasty food gif 2

Food addiction @_@


Highly recommend them if you just wanna get hungry for some reason. Do check these videos out:


Breakfast: Breakfast Enchiladas

Appetizers: Cheeseburger Onion Rings

Main Course: One Pot Chicken Fajita Pasta

And lastly,

Dessert: Peaches and Cream Coffee Cake


For more videos, check out their channel at Tasty

Cheers! and Oh, Yes!


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