Me and 2 friends visited 360° Cafe on a hot, wednesday afternoon. It was a small and quaint café but nice (they have free wi-fi!!!).


We ordered 3 frappe, one for each. I had a large Vanilla frappe with whipped cream on the top, it had a sweet creamy taste with a mild vanilla flavor to it and if whipped cream would be a smoothie, this would be the one! It had an unusual artificially-flavored taste, tho, but it’s fine. I finished the whole thing before my friends got to the half of theirs.

My friends ordered Strawberry frappe and Matcha Green Tea frappe (above). I got to taste both of their frappes so I can give a verdict! 😆

For the Matcha, my friend requested she had her’s with a stronger flavor than usual (Maybe she’s already tried it). Personally, it had a strong Matcha taste. The moment it reached my taste buds, flavors exploded immediately. She didn’t mind, tho. It looked great, tho, with whipped cream and a sprinkle of Matcha powder on top, also on the sides.

The Strawberry frappe was the last drink I got to taste. I had second thoughts of trying it, tho. We got it with a creamy pink color. But my other friend drinks slow so after settling at the table for awhile, the pink froth was separating with the clear, colorless liquid. Hmm… I still tried it, tho! 😂 I mixed it first before taking a sip. It was very sweet than I’d expectedit to be. He agreed too, but was still able to finish it to the last drop.

It rained while we’re at the cafe so we decided to stay a little while longer. My friend ordered waffles. I tried and it was OK. The chocolate syrup hardened, tho, not legitly ‘syrupy’. It was still good, nonetheless.

It was getting late so we decided on leaving. Still, we had a good time. Hope to see better things for this cafe in the future! ☺


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